Sunday, May 15, 2005


I just feel like posting quasi-poetic nonsense today. I don't really have any on hand though. Or perhaps I do. Let me check the handy-dandy quasi-poetic nonsense generator. I know I brought it with me somewhere....

It is strange how
oftentimes the air speaks.

We are sane as long
as we hear voices
when there are none.

We are insane when
we hear nothing and
worse we are deaf.


[...] What if war
is just a male version of dressing up,
a game devised to avoid profound spiritual questions?
[...]How to divide
the world's beauty into acceptable
and unacceptable loves!
argue this point
on the theory that it isn't possible
to love what one refuses
to know:to refuse

speece is not
to suppress perception.


Jess said...

jars of clay



Mackenzie said...

And by that time I'll most definitely be back at Messiah, probably sitting in a class somewhere or doing homework for said class which I am not currently sitting in.

Jess said...

crap. i forgot about that college stuff.


Captain Shar said...

What's "speece?" Might it be speech?