Thursday, May 26, 2005


This morning I got up at 6:30 in some misguided attempt to regain a real peoples' schedule. I went for a walk with Mom and Dad and sort of with Aaron - he was slightly disgruntled and so was running as fast as he could to the end of the road and back to get it over with. Heehee. Eh, I wasn't much better though. I was tired. Still am, rather, but then I've been doing a lot today. I unpacked pretty much all my stuff, and while it's not all exactly put away yet (my floor is rather cluttered), it's all out of boxes and within easy reach. I do need to get the posters off my bed tonight sometime though. Whenever I get the chance.

I also cooked tonight. Yes, that's right. Well, sort of. Mom & Dad decided to run to town right in the middle of making dinner, so I got called into the kitchen just as in yesteryear and given the mighty task of finishing dinner without forgetting it or burning it (which tends to happen if I pick up a book in the middle). I managed it, and actually felt rather grown-up as I was stirring things around in the big frying pan and hunting through cabinets for the lids I no longer know where to find. Wish me luck friends, on this strange and perilous (and possibly short-lived) journey into the enjoyment of domestic tasks.

Shopping today; that went well. I got three pairs of nice work pants and a work skirt. My wardrobe has undergone the most odd transformations in the past year - almost as if it was permanently stuck in Calvin's transmogrifier. First there was a purging before I went to Messiah. Then there was a sudden acquiring of "appropriate clothes" - some nice tops, some new jeans to fill out my collection, and a couple new pairs of socks. Then, at school, came a most unholy acquisition of skirts and a dress and a crazy pair of jeans. Now I have work clothes - nice clothes - and approximately five times the number of skirts I previously owned. I feel girly. And I like my clothes. It's odd. I suppose I can learn to live with it though. I can't change it anyway.

Tomorrow I start work. It should definitely be interesting. Lots to learn and lots to do, and lots of new clothes to wear. = D My class starts on Tuesday. Good thing I got my stuff unpacked today I guess. I also ran pretty much my whole clothes collection through the wash. Yep, it was a productive day, and I'm extremely tired. I shall see you all anon - ere the sun rises mayhap. (No, I haven't been reading too many fantasy books. How dare you suggest that my vocabulary has been influenced by them?)

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