Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No, I win!

Because I am the author and administrator of this blog and I have the almighty power to delete all unwanted and/or argumentative comments! Mwhahahaha!

[Maniacal laughter ehoes for fully five minutes before slowly dying away into an evilly gleeful silence and a very wide grin.]

Life is like a cookie - brown and complicated.

Yes, life is very complicated at the moment. Not for me particularly, other than the whole trying to figure out where on earth the lines lie here (the ones I'm not supposed to cross). And the whole trying-to-keep-my-mouth-closed-when-I-know-my-advice-isn't-wanted thing. But that's all just a matter of self-control, and I've certainly had enough practice with that.

"SATAN!!! I will exorcise you!!!"

"And OMG, LOL, he totally, like, broke her heart!"

I miss you guys.... college peoples, the summer is long. Home peoples, it'll be soon!

I really am enjoying spending time with Jenn though. = D

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