Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I'm home.

I feel like there's a lot more depth at home. Now I have a million things to say, I just don't have the words. But I'd rather it be that than having nothing at all to say but searching anyway.

I'd forgotten about the blinding heat that strikes you like a blow. And about how senile we've become to have a dog in the house. A dog. In the house. Yes, my family. At least it sleeps outside.

The trip was good. I slept for really a lot of it. And Mom and Dad and I talked for the rest of it. I guess we're sort of catching up on a year's worth of talking. Grandma's going to make us dinner tonight. Mmm... Grandma food.... Aaron's at so I still haven't seen him, but I'm sure I will soon enough. Avery's grown. We stopped at Cwork raig & Laura's for the night, and it was cool to see them again. It sounds like they're busy but doing well.

I kind of miss my college friends, but not too much. I can hear you guys squabbling in the back of my head, so it actually feels rather crowded in there. And pretty much every other sentence that comes out of my mouth starts with, "I was talking to so-and-so, and they said..." or "Did I tell you about when...?" I'm afraid it's starting to get irritating, and I feel rather self-centered, so I try not to talk more than I listen. I wonder if that's a good rule?

My parents go to meet my friends, and it was really interesting hearing reactions from my parents about them and from my friends about my parents. Heehee. = D Meeting with Professor Perrin was totally cool, and she gave me some more poets to read over the summer, and I think my parents liked her a lot, and I think she liked my parents, so that was cool. Yay! Oh, and that reminds me!

I told Prof Perrin about our literary group at one point, right? And she and the other faculty have been talking about wanting to develop creative writing opportunities here on campus and stuff, and she mentioned just kind of in passing to some of the other faculty that there was a literary group already on campus (meaning us, but she didn't say who was in it or anything) and they got all excited and want to kind of use our group as a catalyst to start some more creative writing stuff on campus here.

Don't worry, it wouldn't be institutionalizing us or anything, it would just be professors sending a kid or two our way when they find someone who's excited about that kind of thing, and the possibility of us hosting some creative writing competitions or something, and maybe being hosted at a professor's house every now and then. She also said they'd be more than willing to try and get us into the Humanities House as a writing house in the Fall 2006/Spring 2007 school year. Wouldn't that rock?!

The one thing that worried me as far as getting new members is that eventually we'd have a big group, and we didn't want a big group. So I guess we'd have to split off at some point, which, before any of you protest, I think we could handle. We could totally keep our loose, pretty much unorganized format, and when we got too big, we could set up a different group which would be just as loose and pretty much unorganized.

I didn't know how the rest of you'd react to those ideas. I know most of us felt pretty strongly at the beginning of the year that we wanted to be kind of unofficial and pretty much unorganized. But I reiterate, it woudln't be institulationalizing the group, it would just be a recognition of our group and expanded opportunities to creative writing outlets etc. And I think it would totally be worth a try to try and balance the kind of fun group we have now and the increased opportunities that would come with a sort of unofficial faculty recognition.

So, Prof Perrin said they would by no means start advertising our group or anything, and it's all contingent on our approval/agreement, and she's going to keep in touch and we can develop our ideas. From what I understand, it would basically be our group with faculty mentors, and we could choose our level of involvement with them, the format for growth (or not growth, whatever we decide), and how much time and effort this whole thing will take. I'm actually really really excited guys. I think this would totally rock. I think we should start at least thinking about it over the summer, and talking about it, and when we get back next fall we can talk about it at our first meeting, maybe (depending on the verdict) talk with Prof Perrin about it, and see where it goes from there.

But yeah, I think the whole thing sounds totally awesome.


Andrew said...

I'll be replying to everyone as soon as my e-mail gets back up, but I, for one, am in favor of this idea and support it without any reservation.

Jess said...

so avery was at WORK and you went to CRAIG's house. some sort of copy and paste error. but i totally followed.

i'm 4-square against any literary groups. the last thing the world needs is more weirdo's like you.

on the other hand, if cookies were involved...

Mackenzie said...

Andrew, you rock my socks off.

And Jess, I would be scared to death if Avery was at work and Craig was at my house. Very disturbed indeed. The normal order of things would be very VERY out of whack.

Captain Shar said...

I guess I should have "replied to all" on the e-mail, but anyway, I'm in favor of it. Maybe you could send my e-mail reply to everyone, Mackenzie? And I'm "really, really" excited too. Being a wanted commodity on campus, on our own terms...this is sounding very nice. Very nice indeed.