Sunday, May 08, 2005


I feel as if I should write something suitably sentimental and possibly maudlin about seeing all my friends leave and then leaving myself. Maybe one of those Bible verses about being together in spirit, or a hymn that will give bittersweet hope to all. If I was really on the ball I might even write a poem of my own to send you all away with, but quite honestly I'm not feeling maudlin and only slightly sentimental. I'll see you all next semester, and you all know that I'll miss you a lot, so there doesn't seem to be any more that needs to be said.

Plus, it's a beautiful day outside (so beautiful that Lucy and I agreed laws should be made against indoor activities on days like this), I just got a cupcake from a girl on my floor (yum!), I have plenty to do and plenty to read, Eliza Bennet and Mr. Darcy are once again keeping me company as I pack, my parents are coming tomorrow, and it's Mother's Day! How on earth could I be sentimental and maudlin? I think it's just not possible.

I am ambigous feeling about the whole moving thing, but yesterday was the worst day, when I didn't have anything to immediately look forward to (such as my parents coming tomorrow) and one of my friends left and my roommate left, leaving, I feel, a tangible gap. I can't wait to see my family, but I'll only see them for a day or so before I leave for Jenn's so that makes me sad. I can't wait to see Jenn, but I'm a little intimidated to meet all her friends. I really want to go home, but I'm going to miss my friends really a lot. I can't wait for the homework to end but I'll miss the stimulation of having to think.

I should also possibly write something sweet and wonderful about my mother, since it is mother's day, but I can't really think of anything. I just want to see her again, and I don't really want to bore the rest of you. I should also maybe say something about Grandma, but again, it seems silly to broadcast a mother's day message to the world who mostly doesn't care. I'll keep short and simple maybe: Happy Mother's Day! = D

I've been seriously thinking of writing a mockery of a Mary Sue. It's just how to write one that makes it clear I know what I'm doing? The right balance of stupidity and cleverness is going to be hard to find I think. I either need to pick an absolutely ridiculous object for my Mary Sue's fantasies, or I need to violate every rule in the book in quick conscious succession. Or both. Both might be good. So perhaps you should be prepared for a Mary Sue mockery.

Heehee. Wow, if I could only manage to make it funny....

But even if I fail, I bet this would make you laugh. Compliments of Liz-With-Three-Letters.


Domino said...

Doorknob ankle cold!

Jess said...

i wish i knew what ambiguity means.

i was never the dumb one. suddenly i'm not so bright. guess this is my fall that comes after years of Honor Roll pride.