Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Yes, you read the title aright. Last night Jenn, Crim, Austin and I pulled an all-nighter. The first one of the year for me - and possibly my first one ever. I think I generally fall asleep at about 3 am. Yes, and I'm still awake at this point.

It was a weird night. My head was absolutely whirling and so I didn't even feel sleepy until 1:30 or so, and when I got in bed (and by bed I mean sleeping bag) I couldn't sleep until about 2:30. I woke up at about 3 when Jenn came in, and then couldn't fall asleep after that, so when she came in again after an adventurous trip to a gas station, I decided I would stay up with them. They were going to pull an all-nighter. So I jumped on board. We watched a movie and then I went out to see the sunrise (which was beautiful and peaceful) and then I dragged (willingly) Crim and Jenn outside to see the sun. We played in a water fountain (and by we I mean Jenn and I dabbled our feet and flicked water at each other) and ate breakfast, and I'm still up. I think we're going on a Wal-mart expedition now. Heehee. I'll let you know how the rest of the day goes. Honestly I'm just aiming to stay awake until it gets dark. I feel like once it gets dark it'll be OK to sleep because I'll be on a semi-natural sleep cycle. Y'know, up with the dawn, down with the sun. Or something like that.

Not to mention that both Jenn and I are feeling decidedly slap-happy. Poor Austin's pulled 5 all-nighters this week and had an 8 am exam this morning. Poor Crim pulled an all-nighter the night before last as well. I think both Jenn and I are coping better than the guys, if only because this is the first all-nighter either of us has pulled all year. It figures that this one is after my school ends. Kasparek would be proud of me.


Domino said...

Don't feel too bad about Austin; he'll get over it... and I can say that because he'll never read this!

Jess said...

if you fell asleep at 2:30, technically it wasn't an all-nighter.

my first and last all-nighter was graduation night. oh how fun it was to drop out with a diploma

Mackenzie said...

Yes, yes it was an all-nighter, especially if you want to be hyper-technical and say I fell asleep in the morning rather than at night.

Jess said...

all-nighter (AWL NAI-tur) n. the act of not sleeping from sunset until SUNRISE the next morning, or later.

i've stayed awake until 6 am before. and i don't consider that an all-nighter.

7am friday - 8am saturday. THAT'S an all-nighter.

i rest my case.