Friday, April 08, 2005

Yay for:

1) backdating
2) blogger not working.

Only... reverse the order. And pretend today is yesterday.


Today has been a really good day. It was really warm again, in the 70s I think. I should've brought more t-shirts and shorts or something.

I woke up insane this morning, and decided that (after checking my chapel attendance sheet and finding out I only need 6 more chapels and not 10 like I thought) I would sleep in. I did, and it was wonderful. After which I took a leisurely shower (for once getting my pick of showers) and .... I wore a skirt. And my african shirt (the green one with sixties sleeves). I later decided that I just felt the need to de-institutionalize myself, but I think it all boils down to the fact that I woke up crazy. I mean, you people know me. I don't wear skirts. And, lately, I've been shying slightly away from the african shirt because for once I fit in somewhere, so do I really want to jeopordize that? But it turned out OK. I got a huge variety of responses from really loud to cute in a really funky way and one girl (an art major-ahem ) called it downright cute with no qualifiers. So.... I guess what started out as uncomfortable wasn't really. And for some reason I enjoyed wearing a skirt and a crazy shirt. Call me a girl or something.

On the way to dinner tonight, I noticed that the sky was darkening as if it was going to rain. Smart person that I am though, I ignored the signs and went on to dinner without stopping to retrieve a coat or umbrella. It rained fitfully during dinner, and then stopped so that I could go to advising (where I was the first freshman in and out thank you very much ). It rained more later though. I ended up running through the rain to work and from work back over to Frey to check on my project, and from Frey over to Solly. Not bad though, all things considered. It's a warm night, so it was almost enjoyable.

Advising went well. I think I'm definitely on Prof Kasparak's good side as far as preparedness goes. And he's impressed that I'm working on two majors and am willing to do whatever it takes - namely eighteen credits a semester - to get it done. I love having sophomore standing. Yay I hope to take Color & Design, Weaving Techniques, Intro to English Studies, Intro to Creative Writing, Intro to Christian Theology, and War, Peace & Justice. The War Peace & Justice class is the one I'm most worried about getting into. It's with a very popular prof (Brubacher), and it's only offered once. So I think the 25 spaces might go quickly. I am, however, assured a spot on Weaving Techniques, and pretty much assured a place in Color & Design and Intro to English Studies. I still have only a vague idea of what I need to get done overall, but this semester it really clicked as far as knowing what I needed to do first and foremost. So I'm pretty confident on that. I register the 15th, so.... I wait pretty eagerly for that day, when I can stop thinking about it for another three months or so. = )

I read Animal Farm today, and let me tell you, that's an amazing book. I started in on 1984 today too. Which I also love so far, but I'm only fifteen or so pages into it, so I can't really say yet. I'm making practically no progress on my grad school reading list (ten pages a week at most), but I'm definitely reading things I need to read in order to be.... um.... cultured? In order to be a good english major at least. Next on the list of fun reading after 1984 is Machiavelli.... I think I need to be able to argue about him.

My FSM project is officially done It only took me an hour tonight to finish it. I officially made a sticky mess of myself staining it, but whatever. It looks pretty good, although it would certainly fool no one into thinking I was anything more than a rampantly amateur carpenter. I actually wanted a stain a shade or two redder, but I didn't have all that many options, and it's a nice color stain. So.... yeah. I'm pretty ready for tomorrow I guess. I only hope it doesn't look worse in the light of the sun.

My dorm room is oppresively hot. I thought they had air conditioning here.... Ah, whatever. I'm going to go read some more before I hit the sack. Tomorrow is Friday Rejoice all ye peoples

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dude. brubacher rocks my face off.