Thursday, April 14, 2005


I went to DC today. I got hit with a lot of artwork, a lot of stimulus, a lot of people. I like art. I'm an art major. But it was a lot of art. Then I got whacked with a ton of class registation issues, and you all know how happy that makes me. So I got up with morning at 7:15, drove two hours, got a crick in the neck, spent a good six hours walking around looking at art, had lunch, found a birthday present, fulfilled my art history assignment, got a headache, drove two hours back, got another crick in the neck, ate a late and icky dinner (veal! Veal?!), did homework for an hour and a half, went to work, and now I'm going to do more homework. Yeah. Big day. I'm ready for bed. I like bed. I want a shower too. A nice hot shower. Mmm... that sounds very very good right now.

Just... don't annoy me for a while people, OK? Tomorrow, I can predict, I will be very stressed out. And when I'm stressed out, I have been known to bite peoples' heads off, and/or rant at them for a very long time. Don't ask me how I'm doing. Don't ask me about registration. Just tell me about your day, let me pay attention to something else besides my screw-ups. If you can, make me laugh. I would like that.


Eddie James said...

This guy dies and is sent to Hell. Satan meets him and shows him the doors to three rooms and says he must choose one of the rooms to spend eternity in.

Satan opens the first door and in the room are people standing in cow manure up to their necks. The guy says "No, please show me the next room".

Satan shows him the next room and this has people with cow manure up to their noses. And so he says no again.

Finally, Satan shows him the third and final room. This time there are people in there with cow manure up to their knees drinking cups of tea and eating cakes.

The guy says, "I'll choose this room." Satan says, " O.K." The guy is standing in there eating his cake and drinking his tea thinking, "Well, it could be worse" when the door opens. Satan pops his head around, and says "O.K., tea-break is over. Back on your heads!"

Eddie James said...

The current hottest selling bumper sticker comes from New York State. It says:

"Run, Hillary, Run"

Democrats put it on the rear bumper.
Republicans put it on the front bumper.

Eddie James said...

A drunk man stumbles into a Catholic church and plops down in the confessional.

The priest waits for the drunk to begin his confession, but the man just sits there. The priest continues to wait until he is completely baffeled by the intoxicated man. So he knocks on the screen and the drunkard says, "No use knockin' mate, there ain't no paper in here either."

Eddie James said...

There were five blondes and one brunette holding onto a rope off the edge of a cliff. But their rope could only bear the weight of of five people.

The brunette said, "Save yourselves. I'll let go."

Impressed by her sacrifice, all of the blondes clapped...

Eddie James said...

There were two blondes at the park.
One says, "Look at that dead seagull over there."

And the other looks up and says, "Where?"

Eddie James said...

OK. I'm hoping these make you laugh.

Jess said...

i laughed.