Thursday, April 07, 2005

Six Months

I was waiting eagerly for the advent of the six month anniversary of my blog. But now that it's come, I'm not sure what to say. I don't have anything witty to say. I don't have anything stupdendous to say. I don't even have anything mildly amusing to say.

I don't think that when I started I could've dreamed writing this much. It's been a good exercise though I think. A good discipline, to write every day. Something a writer should get used to. It's also been a great communication tool, letting me tell people who live far away about my life, even when I don't talk to each and every one of them individually.

I've posted quite a bit. A lot more than most people I know. I hope you've enjoyed it. I hope you haven't secretly been throwing tomatoes at your computer. Please, it's not the computer's fault. If it's really necessary to throw tomatoes, I suggest the neighbor's dog. Or you can save them into a large stinking pile and throw them at me when I get home. If you are so ticked off as to keep rotten tomatoes in your house for over a month, I'll stand still and let you throw them.

Here's to another six months, and the few and faithful readers! [clinks imaginary glass full of sparkling cider with other imaginary glasses of imaginary well-wishers]


Andrew said...

Happy anniversary!

I feel inspired to throw tomatoes at someone's neighbor's dog (in celebration)!

Jess said...

sparkling cider? c'mon. it's imaginary. have some wine!

break out the bubbly!

Captain Shar said...

Imaginary well-wishers are so charming. They say exactly what you were hoping they would say, and they leave when you want them to leave.

Domino said...

Happy anniversary!

So... you're saying rotten fruit/vegetables aren't good for computers? Ohh... oops. That explains a lot... [grin]

[very big hug] Congrats on sticking with it for so long!

Mackenzie said...

[very big hug back] thanks! Who knows, maybe I'll actually keep going for another six months! Heehee.... [chuckles evilly at the sound of groans]