Thursday, April 28, 2005


If wishes were... fishes? kisses? There's a song that begins something like that, and I'm sure that if I knew the words it would turn out to be perfectly applicable to this post.

I've been thinking a lot lately (well, I always do, no matter how hard I try to stop) about what I want to do after I graduate from college, and about what I want to accomplish in college. You've all heard my plan to go on to grad school and try and be a professor. Well, I've been thinking that, if that doesn't work out, it would be awesome to run a gallery of some sort. Not sure if I'm the sort of person who could handle the stress and responsibility of running my own business, but at the same time, I think it would totally rock my socks off. I would absolutely hire someone to deal with the numbers and forms and stuff. I think talking with artists and scouting for their work and being around good art all the time would be cool. And it would totally rock if I could find someone I get along with to work with me. I'm not sure that I would wish such a risk on any of my good friends, but hey, as long as I get along with whoever-it-is at work, who cares if we're friends or not outside of that? It would rock my socks off if I could get an internship or something sometime in college at a gallery and find out what it's like.

I was also thinking of my senior projects. I have to take part in a senior show, obviously, but I have to do something extra for honors I think, although I'm not sure about that. Whatever I do has to be 'grad school level' according to the forms. What I would totally love to do? The senior art show, plus write, compile, edit, and try to publish book of poetry/prose pulled from my four years at Messiah. I couldn't write an entire book in my senior year I don't think, but if I could draw on the past four years for material and just focus especially on senior year, I think it could be done. Both at once? I dunno. But it would be cool to give it a shot.

No, I'm not ambitious at all. It's not like I have dreams or goals or anything, and it's definitely not like I feel I need to prove to myself that I can do what I set out to do by setting ridiculously high ones. We all know that I'm much more down-to-earth than all of that.

I was also thinking that I'd love to be on the Minnemingo Review staff, specifically editing it, and I'd love to be an organizing part of the art league (they're really slow about organizing and publicizing things, and I think it could be run so much better). I'd like to help organize the service trips. I'd love to be on the photography staff of both the Swinging Bridge and the Clarion. I want to help in the gallery - help hang stuff, see how all of that is administered, and how they choose who's going to exhibit, and why, and all the wheels and cogs behind all of it. I'd love to organize a sort of 'pinch penny press' thing here at Messiah, and somehow get more forums in which student writing can be heard, and student art can be seen. I mean, we have a student publication, right? Why not a student run art exhibit somewhere?

Yeah.... I have no plans whatsoever. I just don't know what I'll do during my four years at Messiah. You'll all have to send me ideas and suggestions so I don't get bored with my life. I tend to get bored so often. = D


perg said...

Someone that actually has something to say.. Was just strolling around on the "Next Blog" button and through all of the comercial Blogs I got here, Interesting, I'll make sure to read what you say hehe.

Agent Andrew - Master Chief said...

I'm another "next blog"ger. You are ok. Good luck with ART.

Jess said...

dude. i almost did a book for my senior culminating project in high school (but since it was supposed to be four years in the making, and i dropped out junior year, i got out of it and did a boring computer survey instead)
uhh.. yeah. i am still thinking of compiling my work though. in a nice book.
i'd prefer to make them lyrics, but some are just meant to be spoken. or read, rather.

isn't being an artist insane? i'm lost right there with you.

Andrew said...

Having an art shop would be fun. I've always wanted to run a book/game store. If you can make a living and have a decent time selling what you enjoy, go for it! :)