Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Really a Lot

So I think I have really a lot to say.

FSM project is on schedule, and should be done without too much trouble . Just sanding and staining yet to be done. I met with Dr. Cobb to decipher his handwriting, and I now think I know how to write an A paper for the final, which would totally rock my socks off.

Yesterday Prof Caroselli started class by saying, "I want all of you to share this very special moment with me," (not an announcement of her upcoming marriage as one student thought. She's an Episcopalian nun, people. ) and then started a powerpoint presentation - her first ever. It was totally hilarious.... I love her so much. It's too bad that I have trouble staying awake in her class. I know I'd get ticked if some student fell asleep in my class. But she's such a sweetheart.

In chapel yesterday Dr. Downing related a story which featured the Left Behind books and the English department. What really caught my attention was this part: "...They'd probably hate them, but everyone knows the English department is going to hell anyway." I laughed so hard. I'm part of the department that everyone knows is going to hell anyway! And, frankly, I think the Left Behind books have rather questionable theology, not to mention writing. Not to mention they last forever too long. Kind of like the Lemony Snickett books (although the writing in those is absolutely excellent).

A nursing lab monitor locked my stuff in the nursing lounge tonight at work. I had to hunt all over the building for someone to unlock it for me. Thank goodness it was a room the supervisors have keys for.... I tell you, those nursing labs are screwy.

Brice told me about these rocks that exorcise demons and spirits from computers. Apparently this goes with what he called the "magic black smoke theory" of computer science. See, there's this magic black smoke inside a computer that makes it run, and when the smoke gets out the computer won't work. I laughed my head off. I enjoy having him in our Habakkuk group.

I spent this afternoon sitting out on a blanket with Lucy and Sharon doing homework. It was so gorgeous! It almost made anthropology readings bearable. = ) Only three and a half more weeks of school left before finals.... Wow, this year has gone by fast.

Or, as Dr. Miller might say:

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