Saturday, April 16, 2005


So I've apparently become obsessed with chai tea. It's very good. Some honey, a little milk, let it steep for five minutes or so, yes, it's very good indeed. And today it even made me laugh. In addition to the normal pseudo-spiritual claptrap and inredients list, the back of my tea packet said: "To ask questions, share observations or simply have a bit of human contact, write us at Tazo, PO Box 66, Portland, OR 97207. Or visit us at Allow two weeks of this lifetime for a written response."

I'm sitting here, on a lovely Saturday afternoon, secure in knowing that my laundry will soon be done, in the knowledge of a golden afternoon, in a reasonable amount of work, and most of all secure in the knowledge that no matter how screwed up and ineffecient people in large groups are, I'll get through college anyway. It may take me five years and a lot more debt, but I'll get there eventually.

Back to my papers now! I'm actually being diligent, isn't that crazy?

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Anonymous said...

DC?!?!? I was in DC on the 12th and 13th! We could have met each other (if I had actually been there on Thursday). I think the art museums were the only ones I didn't see (sorry). Fantastic architecture though. And the cherry trees were in full bloom. Just sit under one beside the Potomac at dusk looking at the Jefferson Memorial. That is peace.

~ Candace