Friday, April 01, 2005


To continue my newly re-established custom of updating daily, I'm here to update!

Today was good, except that I still have not received my history paper back, and I turned it in a month ago. It's a Friday, so I'm totally celebrating the fact that I'm going to stay up late tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning! It was gorgeous outside, and once again Shannon didn't make it to any of her classes because she was sunbathing. It was gorgeous outside, and once again I made it to all my classes, did my homework, and managed to sit outside for only an hour. It sucks to be an overacheiver.

I couldn't get a ticket to see Finding Neverland tonight, so I think I'm going to watch a movie with Lucy and Sharon if we can decide on one and if we decide that we don't have too much homework. So.... That could be cool.

It's the weekend! Rejoice! [The proletariat does a happy-crazy-lunatic-


Cut! Thaaaat's a wrap!

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Jess said...

OH MY GOSH!! See "Saw" (see-saw?) dang. that title makes it hard to communicate without puns...

FORGET NEVERLAND!!!! go watch SAW!!!!

*runs away cackling satanically*