Thursday, March 17, 2005


Just to let everyone know what's up, I have two midterms next week, a rather large project that I don't understand due, and an art history paper due. That's why I'm so stressed, why I'm leaving grumpy away messages, why, if you talk to me, I might just bite your head off.

Just kidding. I'm not quite that irritable. I'm just under really a lot of stress and running out of ways to cope beyond just getting done eventually. I do, however, have all the little incidental stuff that was due this week done, so I can now focus entirely on preparing essays, memorizing vocabulary, and cutting cardboard with a bandsaw.

Yes, that's right people. A bandsaw. Cardboard. Prof Botts finally showed us how to use the bandsaw and the table saw so we can officially use them now - as long as there's a proctor in the lab. It's reasonable I suppose, just a little irritating that I can't use them whenever I want. And in class, with thirteen people trying to use two saws, one doesn't always get a chance at them. Oh well. At least they're only models and don't have to be particularly neat and tidy. If all else fails I'll break out the trusty xacto knife and wreak havoc on the cardboard. = )

Love to everybody I haven't seen lately and miss..... Happy Thursday!

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