Wednesday, March 16, 2005

ah, midterms....

Because I don't really have time to post, you get these lovely lyrics, compliments of Bruce Cockburn. Actually read them or skim them as you will, I've given up caring.

Orion's high in the south-west sky --
You're bound to move on and so am I
On this world we've had time to burn --
how come nobody ever seems to learn?
See how the starwheel turns.

Crystal drift on the whistling wind --
Constant change is the space we're in
You may use a slide rule or a golden crown
But nothing's worth it that you can pin down --
See how the starwheel turns.

Don't go playing no shell game with God --
Only Satan's going to give you odds
We're given love and love must be returned --
That's all the bearings that you need to learn
See how the starwheel turns.

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