Friday, July 29, 2005

Oooh.... Navigation!

Yesterday was a majorly adventureful day for me.

I know, that sentence shouldn't even exist - way too many made up words and a much too cheerleader like tone.

It was, none the less, a majorly adventureful day. Abbi and I were going to bible study like usual, y'know, I get off work, grab some food, scarf it on the way to Abbi's house, we leave from there to drive to Madison, the same ol' routine every Thursday night.

Only this time, when we got to Madison, there was no one at the pastor's house. No one. Not a single person. They have a bajillion kids - you would think that at least one of them would be around. But no. Not a single person visible or answering the doorbell.

So, being the geniuses that we are, we decided to go see a movie at the Huntsville theatre. We haven't seen one all summer, and it's, like, a tradition to go see a movie every time I'm home from school. We didn't know what movies were showing, what the show times were (although it was close to seven, so the odds were good some movie would be starting soon), but Abbi knew where one of the theatres was, so that was cool, and we got there.... only to realize it didn't have any movies we wanted to see.


So then we tried to figure out what to do, and finally she got this brilliant idea - she called home, talked to her dad, and got directions to the other movie theatre. Neither of us had any idea where we were going, what we were going to see, or what time we were going to see it at. Sounds like fun to me.

Through some miracle, we managed to get there, and we only had to turn around twice.

The sign, unfortunately, said the movie we wanted to see was only showing at 9:50. Now, normally, I'd be cool with that.... except that I had to get up at six the next morning, run up to Calhoun to get my Biology grades (which turned out good by the way), then go to work for eight hours, and there's no way I'd be able to do all of that on five hours of sleep. Not. A. Chance.

Our alternatives? Well, we weren't too creative after that, although we had a good time. We went to the mall that was nearby. I found a copy of the Westing Game for $3 (if you haven't read it, you need to. It's a great book). We went into Bath and Body Works, which was pretty funny, because obviously we had to try out all the scents and lotions. We came away smelling like a perfumery - which had just undergone a dramatic explosion. Oddly enough though, there were two smells I really liked. I admit it, I'm picky when it comes to smelly things. Really strong scents give me a headache, and I don't like smelling like a piece of candy or lemon meringue. I don't like really flowery or heavy scents either. I like a nice, clean, light smell that's got maybe a little hint of flowery about it. Not dramatic, and not overdone. It was also ironic that the smell I liked best was called "serenity".... Something my life could use a little more of.

Oh! And today I picked out a new pair of glasses.... I go to pick them up tomorrow. Yay! Contacts are all well and good.... but to wear them all the time? No. I've been wearing my broken glasses anyway, but it's so off-balance that it's giving me a sore on my right ear, so that wouldn't have worked for much longer. They're a little bit.... well, no doubt I'll post a picture. They're a lot different than anything I've ever had before, so it's an experiment. I think I like them a lot though. They're kind of a bold choice for me.

And "the fam" is here too. Not all of it, but two of my aunts and two of my uncles, so that's cool. Grandma fed us really amazing food for dinner today, and promises to repeat the feat tomorrow, so I'm totally looking forward to it. I haven't seen any of my extended family in about two years - I didn't go to the wedding on the one side or the 50th anniversary celebration on the other, and those were our big gatherings for the year. It's good to see them again.

And.... that's a wrap. I think I only began two paragraphs with "so" and two with "and" this time, so I feel like my grammar is in good shape. Or at least better than it usually is. = D

Toodle-pip old beans.
It's off to bed for me.

Oh wait. Two funny Dad quotes:

Me (I come bouncing up to him, right after shopping for glasses): "Daddy! I'm so excited! I got new glasses!"
Dad: "Hm, they look good."

(if it doesn't make sense.... think about it, and then realize that I only ordered the new glasses today and won't pick them up till tomorrow.)

Me: "So I hear you almost got hit by lightning today."
Dad: "Yeah... I wasn't too worried though. I know the guy who makes it."

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