Saturday, July 16, 2005

Oh My George

It's been almost a week since I posted. Can you believe that I managed to shut up for that long? Haha. I was mostly too tired to post. This week's been... well... yeah, hectic would probably cover it. "Hectic" just seems like such a short word for what seemed like a really long week.

I did my last biology lab this week, which heralds the ending of the entire class. Really just two weeks. I'm really excited, but I'm also wondering what I'm going to do with my mind for the rest of the summer. Homework I won't miss. Lectures I won't miss. But I feel like my mind will be a bit bored nonetheless. I told Mom, "On good days my mind feels like a formidable weapon which I wield against biology with great fervor. On bad days, I feel like my mind is a blunt weapon I feel like bashing people with." And that pretty much describes my biology experience. Along with these quotes regarding one of our classes (which basically dealt with genetics and childbirth):

"Nope. Your x's are clean."

"They don't show any of that on Sports Center!"

"Oh my George!"

And, famously,

"I wish I coulda caught a bass that big!"

Hahaha.... Yeah, that was a good class.

I have this problem at work. I'm in the south, right? And I have to be polite. Which means using words like, "Ma'am" and "sir" which don't usually find themselves in my vocabulary. I frequently find myself with this problem:

"I just said yes ma'am to a boy!"


Dad and I are making a chair. Or, to be more accurate, a chair-like thing. It really isn't exactly a chair. Neither is it exactly a stool. Nor is it exactly a set of bookshelves. It's sort of a combination of the three, on wheels. I know, hard to picture. But, God willing (don't I sound like an old-timey politician?), you shall all see it this fall at school....

Ok. That's enough talking. I'm off to adventure!


Andrew said...
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Captain Shar said...

Ooh. I love interesting furniture. I think short hair would look cute, but nothing spikey.

Eddie James said...

How did you get your blog so that when people click on "comments" it goes to the post with comments added and not to the page where you actually add a comment?

Mackenzie said...

Quite frankly, I have no idea why or how that happens.