Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Tikrit! Tikrit! Tikrit is on fiyah!"
- if you guys missed that Daily Show, then shame on you.....

"I sailed on my first try! I let the boat do the work. That was my secret."
- What About Bob

"Well. There was this Daddy pen and this Mommy pen and they loved each other very much. So they had lots of baby pens. And one of the pens grew up to be better than all the rest. So I bought it."
- Aaron


Well. It's Sunday night again, so I'm totally dreading tomorrow morning. Again. Once it comes I think it'll be OK. I hope. But... oh well. Whatever. Only a couple more weeks and it's back to school again, and janitoring.

So. That's it. I'm going to bed now. Or something.


Andrew said...

Good night!

Captain Shar said...

I know the feeling. Thankfully, I'm not working much these next two weeks, so I can...oh, right, get my wisdom teeth out.