Sunday, June 19, 2005

Love to Dad, Because it's Father's Day.

Can I just say that this was a really fun father's day?

We ate things and talked about things and remembered things. And ate more things. We ate a lot.

...and it was cool. I'm not sure I really know what to say other than that about it. Other than: "Whoahoho, it's goin' down slow...."

...And I've been thinking about so many things lately, but I just don't ever really have time or inclination to type them out for everyone else to read. I guess I'm just delving more deeply into the "life of the inner mind."

Oh, I remember one of the things I've been thinking a lot about lately. Sacredness. And of course honesty, but you've all heard me rant about honesty probably fifty million times before. But lately sacredness and purposefulness, or perhaps a better word is deliberation. Or intentionality, but that sounds like corporate double-speak. Or church double-speak: take your pick. What I was wondering, quite simply, was this: what makes something sacred? Is it sacred in its own right, or does the way we behave towards something make it sacred? Why do I have such a postmodern view of sacredness when I propose to reject postmodernism?

I also thought this: A good way to live is like right poetry. And I'm not sure if that means anything to anyone else, because my definition of 'right' poetry could be all moonshine. I'm not sure though, that I care if my definition is moonshine or if that phraseology means nothing to anyone else. I feel like, for once, I don't care what anyone else thinks, and I don't care if I never write well, or get published, or am hung in a gallery (wow, that sounds suicidal.... haha.). I'm not sure if I'm lazy, apathetic, or simply content. But whatever it is, it feels good. I'm not afraid, right now, of not being enough. And I have to say that's one of the things that's haunted me longest.

And I'd love to know what percentage of sentences and paragraphs I start with the word "and."

And wow, that got really off the topic at hand: father's day. Yay for fathers. = )


Dad said...

I had the greatest day, too! Best Father's Day ever. I'm happy some one else enjoyed it.

Some random thoughts about the creativity thing:
* The best reason for making something is because you must. Not because someone else requires it, not for credits, but because something inside needs expressing. And yes, sometimes it's hard to to get there, or hard when it's there and you can't find a good solution.
* Creativity goes in cycles. The artist needs to develop patterns/methods of renewal, ways of collecting raw materials. Furious, I need to do it!...oh, I need a break..... For a writer (a non-writer speaking here:), you might go people watching, study real characters, collect interesting words, striking incidents, elegant phrases. You build a bank of memories, a collection of artifacts that might join together later to complete a word picture. Incidents & accidents, as Paul Simon said, collected over a lifetime. Like this blog -- write down what ticks you or trips you. I've started a spreadsheet containing interesting phrases -- will it ever turn into something? We'll see.
* Here's an idea: come up with a central theme, key idea or core characteristic, then start collecting things that describe it, or are a component. Some come closer than others. Some are more elegant, some more unusual. Some suck, so you drop them. Arrange the better ones closer to center...
* Poets need to capture characters more quickly than novelists....unless you write a book of poetry...
* It's taken me more than half my life to feel like I could really have anything profound to say, or worth saying. Up till now, I'm not sure I qualified as an artist. Now, it's a possibility, if I manage to get from idea to creation.
* Creativity, on another level, is a lifestyle. Live differently! A Christian has ideas for this...or theatre major...he....he....he.... You're already doing well at this one!

Mackenzie said...

Thanks Dad, for the advice and insight.

So glad you had a good Father's day.