Friday, June 03, 2005

Eagerly Awaited, I'm Sure

Here is your update, which, I'm sure, has been eagerly awaited by a rapt audience.

Heh. Right.

Lots has been going on, and I keep thinking of lots of things I want to tell everyone, and I started writing them all down in my notebook (which I was trying to take my biology notes in - it all kept getting tangled up with my latest idea about my office girl story anyway, so I figured, why not add in just one more thing to confuse me? And... to be totally honest, it's not like I use my notes to study. They're just sort of there, mostly because I think I probably should take notes.) but then for the past couple days I just don't have the motivation to type them all into blogger. So... you're not getting them.

And anyway, who would want to read uncensored ramblings from Mackenzie's head?

It turns out that on Fridays we get out early from work, usually at about 3. So today after work I decided, hey, I'm going to go to Java Jaay's and study, because I can't study at home. I get completely and totally distracted, not to mention losing all motivation. So I did. And it was great. I'm thinking of making it a weekly tradition. I can leave work, go there, get coffee or an italian cream soda or something, and study or write. I can take my portable CD player, and even my computer, because they have wireless internet there. They also have really cushy chairs and some tables littered throughout the entire place. They're only open from 6am till 6pm, but I'm intending to be home for dinner anyway, so it doesn't matter much. I've been really wondering how and when I could fit in writing time, and this could be it. I could just set aside a firm hour or so (or however long the spirit takes me), and write in a coffee shop in a cushy chair. I also like the fact that writing in a coffee shop sounds like the epitome of bohemian/college student/author/esqueness. I mean think about it, the communists used to meet in coffee shops, and they've always been kind of a center for pretentious upcoming artist/college student types. You also read about authors writing in high-tech wireless equipped cafes all the time, with their trusty laptops by the side, and perhaps a dictaphone or something in case a lightning briliant idea strikes them.

Heck yes, that's what I want to be: a bohemian/college student/author/artist/esque type. Too bad pretension seems to go with pretty much most of that.

At any rate, I raise my glass of coffee in a toast to all of you! Happy Friday!


Jess said...

so. what you're saying is, you want to conform to the bohemian/communist/artsy tradition and sit in a coffeeshop. that's so conformist of you.

you should go to a strip club. because nobody writes good work there. that would be nonconformist.

Mackenzie said...

There's an extremely good reason people in general don't write good stuff in strip clubs. There's an even more extremely good reason why I won't go and write good stuff in a stip club.

And people can stop ragging on me for wanting to be a nonconformist and also wanting to be successful! You can all to go to the bad place and larp yourselves! I wish to GOD people would just STOP MOCKING ME FOR BEING A PACIFIST AND ENJOYING THE IDEA OF NONCONFORMITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you hear me? Does anyone hear me? Is anyone, anyone at all, paying ANY attention to anything I'm saying? Because you'd better catch this and catch it good.
S. T. O. P. M. O. C. K. I. N. G. M. E. Stop mocking the things I love and the things I aspire to, all of you. And if you can't, then you're (none of you) welcome to comment on my blog any longer, and you sure as heck don't have to read it.

Liz said...

Gah! Sorry, Mackenzie. I didn't realize how much it was bothering you.

Mackenzie said...

I suddenly just lost it. I can take it for a while, but... I guess I just reached the breaking point.

I differ in some very fundamental beliefs from all of you.... I do actually believe that while we all share a common nature, individuals are unique. And it's possible to be a nonconformist, although I think the current definition of the word "nonconformist" needs some work. And it's possible and perhaps even right to be a pacifist. And I would like for those views to be acknowledged as valid by my friends, just once.

Yeah, that's all I have to say about that for now.

Liz said...

I do actually believe that individuals are unique. (At least, on good days.) I just hide it well.

And yes, pacifism is definitely possible. And while I don't necessarily think it's the correct view, I know it's a valid view.

And nonconformism...well, I think a lot of it depends on definitions and different people's particular backgrounds. So yeah. That was insensitive of me. As was all the rest of it, obviously.