Saturday, June 04, 2005


Wow, went through a major mood swing today. Happy as all crap, then despairing as all get out. Then happy as all crap again.

I think that I sort of find it comforting that people don't take my talent/identity crises all that seriously. I mean.... I dunno. It's just oddly comforting.

I'd forgotten how good it felt to putter. I think I could get used to this puttering thing.

Aaron's brilliant analogy:
"Deep throat approaching the White House and saying, 'Hey, you're breaking the law! You shouldn't do that!' is like some guy who's getting the snot beat out of him in an alley saying, 'You know that you've now crossed the line into second degree assault? There are penalties for that!' "

Haha, yeah, laughed a lot at that one. Not sure if I got his exact words right, but you know I love you anyway Aaron, right? = D

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