Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kick Rear!

As much as I want to right now, I just don't feel comfortable using the other word for 'rear' in a G-rated family-oriented blog. But, disregarding my word-choice difficulties, I did totally kick rear, both in my lab today and in my biology test on Tuesday. I got one of the highest grades I've ever gotten on a test. And today I finished my supposedly-two-hour lab in about 45 minutes. It was the perfect antidote to Saturday's lab debacle. I got in, did the experiments by myself, and got out. Not to mention getting all the right answers. Take that, biology lab!

Considering the fact that I got up at 7 this morning, drank some much-needed tea, spent two hours in class, went to work and worked for eight hours, then ate dinner on the run, drove over to Calhoun, and did my biology lab, getting back at about 8:15 (that's over thirteen hours, just for you math retarded people), I'm in a very good mood. Of course, Paxton did actually walk over to me this morning and ask to be picked up. Who wouldn't be put in a good mood by that? And I did kick rear on both my test and my lab. And I had curly fries for dinner. I love curly fries. Also, since I did my lab today, I have Saturday completely free to do stuff. That hasn't happened in... oh... a year. You can see why I'm excited.

I need to call Candace. I keep wanting to e-mail you (just in case you see this), but I don't have your e-mail address anymore. I lost it somewhere along the line, or messiah's address book ate it or something. I know it's faeriedust, but I have completely forgotten what e-mail service it's at. So If you see this, you can e-mail me with your current e-mail address (mine is or you can just wait till I call you, or something. I'm not thinking very clearly at this point, but no doubt something will work itself out.

And... now to bed. Because otherwise I'm going to pass out and drool all over my keyboard, and "you just can't pour that much spit into a robot and expect it to function properly." Or... something more related to actual computers... and less ludicrous in this context... but which is also bad. You fill in the blank.

I wanna run faster, but this old leg won't carry me,
I wanna be, I wanna be....

Maybe I could run
Or maybe I could fly to you.
But do you feel the same when all you see is blame in me?
Yeah, and the wonder of it all
is that I'm livin' just to fall more in love with you....

Or maybe it's more like:

She moves like a golden serpent all day long
She moves like a golden serpent all day long
she lights a candle when the day is gone

she likes to give me honey when I'm down
she likes to give me honey when I'm down
If I ever was a king, she was the crown

She can chase away the devil with a song....

[and because of copyright laws I suppose I should cite the artists of the above. Delirious? is the first one, and Bruce Cockburn is the second.]

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