Monday, June 13, 2005


I might as well have taken a vow along with Liz, for all the frequency of my posting.

Life is good I guess. I'm a bit bored every now and then, but the ideas are starting to come to the surface, even if I can't really make myself sit down and get them started. I decided, more or less, that if I can't make, I'll ingest. Maybe what I need is to go back and sit down and figure out what exactly I think good writing and good art are, so that I have some sort of idea toward what I'm struggling.

Wow, that makes me sound clueless. Ok, well, I admit it. I am clueless.

I'm not sure why I keep writing or making, because frankly I suck at it. I guess I've just gotten addicted to the adrenaline of creativity... or... something. Dang, that makes it sound like cocaine or bungee jumping.

Oh well. I'm sure at least someone out there knows what I'm talking about.

I've also started getting used to this structure. I don't feel incredibly tired and braindead when I come home from work anymore (or at least I didn't today or Friday), and I've started to be able to get some work done outside of my actual workplace. Like studying tonight, for the two tests I'd forgotten about, and which I'm taking tomorrow.

Can I just say that I should've taken physics? I can see myself getting semi-excited about physics class, at least until it got hard. Biology I just find freaking boring. And stupid.

Heh. The two things I find hardest to forgive, all wrapped up in a single class: southernness and stupidity. Yep. It's going to be a long eight weeks.

Wow, I miss you college peoples. It sucks to find out that wherever I am I'll be missing someone. Here I'll be missing you, and there I'll be missing my family and home peoples.

That sounds kinda like a song. "[Doo doo doo], wherever I am, [da doo doo doo], I'll be missing someoooooone...." Take it away!

Haha... er....

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