Thursday, September 01, 2005

Another Day, Another Way

Yep, I'm staying on top of life at the moment, more or less. There's always something to do, of course, especially now that I feel confident enough of myself to want to join a whole bunch of extracurriculur activities. I'm not sure, though, that I feel confident enough to go to a dance informational meeting. That's just plain weird. Me, dance? I think not. Of course, college is my last chance to learn to dance with people of my own age in a more or less pressure free environment.

Spent forty dollars on yarn today for my first weaving project. It's not so much that I bought a ton of yarn (although I did get a lot) as that I got really nice yarn.... Our next project is two placemats and/or a table runner. I was thinking of doing one for our dining room table, so Mom, maybe you can send me measurements of the table (lengthwise stretched out) and some color swatches from our kitchen/dining room/living room. And then I can stick them in my sketchbook for reference and claimed I did something. = )

Did I tell you all that four of my six classes require the keeping of a sketchbook of some sort? Yeah. This summer was the only time I've ever kept a sketchbook of any sort with any kind of regularity - and it was really a "whatever" book. Writings, pictures, lines, ideas, whatever. I don't know how I'm going to be disciplined enough to keep that many sketchbooks. I mean seriously, there's like no way.

Today I had a little trouble getting up, but I wasn't tired all day, so I think I must be getting into some sort of schedule. I like routine - although sometimes half the fun is changing it. = D

I came to a rather serious decision yesterday. My internet is still broken, right? Well here's my decision. I'm not going to fix it. I'm not going to call ITS, stick paper clips in my computer, nothing. As a student, the internet is the single most distracting thing in my life. I'll continue blogging and keeping up with blogs to the best of my internetless ability, but I won't be on IM unless you can catch me at the last half hour or so of work. I'll answer all e-mails, no worries about that. But if your main form of communication with me is through IM, it's going to have to change. Not a reflection on the importance of my relationships with any of you - just a reflection of my reordered determination to succeed at what I've started.

Off to be all sorts of creative,

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Eddie James said...

Amen about the internet. You could actually live in the internet (albeit without productivity). It's kind of scary how it takes over lives...