Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quote Night!

"Have you ever had that really smart kid in math class that just knows everything?"
"I hate that kid."
- Philosophy

"We apply really hard labels to ourselves sometimes. Pacifist, for one. Or liberal and conservative. I mean, what the heck does that mean?"
- Theology

"Do I look intellectual when I do this?"
- me, believe it or not.

"Mrs. Forsythe... is this bad?"
- also me, all through weaving class.

"I'm only a dumb sheep like the rest of you."
- Theology

"It's like swearing on a science textbook."
- Theology (I like Sharon Baker, a lot a lot.)

"Cheating will ruin your prayer life. Cheating will ruin your academic life. Cheating will ruin your life."
- Philosophy

"What's another word that comes from the root word 'duc' and is related to what we've been talking about - the seduction of language?"
- English 108. It happened in the period before ours, and Dr. Downing related this to our class, following it up with:
"There will be none of that in this class! Whatever's going on under your desks, it had better not be that!"

"I'm OK. I'm just not graceful, and it hurts."
- Liz

"She's only part femi-nazi. On her mother's side."
- also Liz

"I once knew the words for 'beautiful woman' in Swahili. But I can't remember them, and I don't think you'd apply them to a muskrat anyway."
- er... me.

I'm finished with the graysquares project, praise the Lord (and pass the tax rebates), so only a page of writing to do. I feel like I can do that before tomorrow, and possibly some of my reading as well. Wish me luck, and enjoy the quotes.

I'll meet you tomorrow at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe for pizza and a recap.


Anonymous said...

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Jess said...

yeah, because we're all really sick of you and want you to move to Canada. with kaitlin's mom.

*eye roll*

Mackenzie said...

ACTUALLY, I am supposed to marry a Canadian pianist according to Liz and Sharon, so that would work out perfectly. I can imigrate, find my pianist, and live somewhere in the peaceful wilds of Canada, where no one makes me feel bad about my art.