Friday, November 02, 2007

"all your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise"

Eighteen days until Thanksgiving break. Whee!

That's. . . that's just over two weeks! Whee!

I am so exhausted from NYC, and I'm going to have a busy day today and a busy week next week again. I have a presentation and two papers due at the beginning of the week, so I cannot slack off this weekend, but hopefully everything will be alright. I'm really tired and really ready for a break. I've been fantasizing about a real break from school since. . . uh. . . fall break? Yeah, that's the one. Fall break.

You know what time it is, ragazze (tu conosce la volta c'e). Oggi e venerdi! C'era una volta. . . once upon a time, c'era una nuova blog post per la Jesus College blog. Si! Non e uno gioco! Non schezzo! C'e una storia di mio viaggio in giro New York Citta dov'e le donne sono matte. C'e molto amusante (forze).

It was weird, because in NYC yesterday for some reason my Italian-speaking mode kicked in. I kept translating things in my head the way I did in Orvieto. Except I couldn't remember as many conjugations and words as I knew back then. But it was interesting to see how a city environment and the act of travelling caused me to rehearse my words in a different language just because of association with Italy.

I think a little bit of my head might be crazy.

P.S. Fun quotes from my world views class today, where Crystal Downing was the guest speaker:

"A friend said to me, 'the life well lived is the best revenge,' and oh my goodness it is so true." - Crystal Downing

"It's why I write so much. If I'm not analyzing literature and film, I'm analyzing all my friendships and my husband and it drives them crazy. So I have to write." - Crystal Downing

[Crystal Downing also related an anecdote about how no one in the secular world of graduate school meant to be insulting when they said, "oh, you're a Christian? I never would have guessed. You're so intelligent." I sort of wanted to jump up out of my seat and say, "Yeah, try being a home schooler! They don't mean to insult you when they say, 'oh, you're a home schooler? I never would have guessed. You're not actually mal-adjusted.' Gee, thanks. I love the compliment, there. Insult my family and my upbringing, but at least I'm not mal-adjusted."]


Liz said...

Sometimes...okay, no, mostly just today, because you mentioned it...i want to counter the homeschool stereotypes with my own baseless, maybe homeschoolers are just less plastic than those of us put through the government-sanctioned mold...
In other news, homeschoolers and I are all lucky that I wasn't homeschooled long because I don't get any legitimate chance to blame my mal-adjusted-ness on that. And I feel that this is healthier.

Captain Shar said...

Although I think that home schooling has two distinct sides. I experienced some of both. On the one hand there's the hyper-academic, almost elitist, classical, home schooler. These, I think, tend to be more adjusted to society.

There's also the folks who view home schooling as one more way to keep themselves in the Christian bubble. These, I think, tend to be less well adjusted.

Mrs. Micah said...

Amen about the homeschooling thing. :)

It was fun to have Dr. Downing in World Views. But then that class was fun overall.

I like the quote about the life well-lived. It's true, it's much better than a bitter and vengeful life.