Tuesday, August 14, 2007

what if charles darwin had access to sorcery?

If you have any websites of writing prompts which you like/think are good/use frequently/ignore vehemently, please send me the links, either via e-mail or via posting a comment.

Thank you. That is all.

Well, except for this. Go ahead. You'll laugh your pants off.

P. S. Apparently my roommate blows bubbles while she's on the phone with her boyfriend. . . weird? Yes. She's literally a bubble-blowing MK who says "No I miss you more." Of course, maybe I should not be so hard on her, because she is one of the few people I know who asks absolutely nothing from me, not even small talk. We're both sitting in the room today, listening to music and reading. It's fabulous. I don't feel obligated to talk one bit.


Ruth said...

I like to read the http://happiness-project.com

She's looking at all kinds of suggestions/theories/etc. for how to be happier. To enjoy life more. It's interesting.

And then there's this other site... http://mrsmicah.blogspot.com but you didn't hear it from me. And the writer is anonymous, so she'd appreciate not having her name mentioned. I think you might recognize her avatar. ;-)


P.S. Sorcery...hmm. I'll be Darwin knew "The Secret," at least. ;-)

lucy said...

If she weren't an MK who says "No I miss you more," that bubble-blowing could be a very nasty sexual innuendo. Or couldn't it?

Missing you, enjoying the whimsy of the blog posts.


Mackenzie said...

I'll be sure and check out those blogs, Ruth. . . = D

Could it be an innuendo? Usually I am all over recognizing those innuendos and taking full advantage of them (I am not going to point out the innuendos in my own comment, though). I didn't know, however, that "bubble-blowing" could be dirty. Go figure.