Tuesday, July 17, 2007

this is my vow:

tomorrow night I will go to bed early. i.e. at least by 11.

Um. . . so I suck at euchre and horseshoes both, apparently, but I excell at being the one of the family that gets continually laughed at.

Today an article was kicking my butt, but then I totally came back and kicked its butt.

I am the ideal roommate, in that I am never here. I am the worst roommate ever in the sense that I am messy and am never here.

I cannot wait to get out of Lottie - or at least for Lottie to extend its hours so that I can fit a run in before eating.

Is it sad that I lack profound things to say to you?
No, that is not quite true. I thought of a few profound things last week, but I wrote them down on sticky notes and promptly lost them, and re-typing them is too much effort, because I am just exhausted, basically all the time.


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Matt said...

I'm working mostly night shifts this week, so I haven't been around that much. Give me a call when you go to lunch, tomorrow and we can eat together.