Thursday, July 26, 2007

so come on courage, teach me to be shy

Alternative title:
you give me miles and miles of mountains, and I ask for the sea

You know you have recently acquired a lot of new files (possibly music . . . but probably not, 'cause that would be illegal.) when your computer keeps complaining that its virtual memory is too low. And that it's too low when all you've got open is iTunes and Word. Ayep, it's a little ridiculous. I guess I need to figure something out to give my computer a little more space to breathe. Any ideas? Um. . . besides deleting everything. =)

I tend to get carried away. Did you know this about me yet? When I get really into something, I get mildly obsessed. Just a little.

Today I did brave things. Like calling strangers on the phone. Yep, me! I did! And I felt nervous as all get out, but also better once I got it out of the way and just called. Then I felt real proud of myself. Real proud.

I'm sorry. I lack serious insight today. I am just . . . truckin' along. I talked to Andrew on Tuesday, Gregory came up to visit last night, and tonight I'm hanging with Katie (I love that girl), and then on Friday Liz is coming and then on Saturday Sharon is coming. . . . It's going to be one jam-packed couple of days again. But you know, I'm feeling more rested after two evenings to myself, and I'm ready to go. Let's do this thing. Whee!

So, you know how sometimes I lack an inner censor? Well, on Tuesday, I was on the phone, and I was having a really sketchy conversation about what exactly constitutes kinky, and I realized: "Crap, my roommate is totally a conservative courting MK kinda gal from Papua New Guinea. Dangit. She probably thinks I'm bound for slow-roasting hell." Somehow since Italy I've become the sketchiest roommate ever. Good thing I'm living with Elena and Katie next year. = D

Speaking of Katie and Elena. . . uomo underpants! = D = ) = D

Photographer Hulk! Photographer Hulk angry! Bad lighting at wedding! Rarrrgh! Can't get good angle! Little children will not stay still to be photographed by Photographer Hulk! Grarrrrr!

P.S. I'm introducing a countdown: 13


Captain Shar said...

Is there something on August 8?

Also: one Taiwanese movie we watched had a little boy who took pictures of the backs of people's heads, for just that reason. As per your last post.

Faux LeRoy said...

I'm glad you're real proud...=D