Thursday, September 13, 2007

“in the mouth of the worm who grammars these woods into this world whose song is"

Movie screenings with friends, rather than going to a silly for-class showing in Boyer? Heck of much better. When the friends are utterly snarky? Even better!

It is very late, so I won't say much tonight. Only I will mention that I am mapping out a reason for this poetry project - a motivation, an audience to address. I've felt the need to address someone directly in the poems since the second college summer. I felt a lack in the anecdotal poems I was writing, and the way to take care of that lack, I found, was the address a reader directly. In this case, however, I might narrow "the reader" down even more specifically, according to Professor Perrin's reaction to one of my poems - whether in it I address the reader or address the beloved.

In any case, apart from school things, I am quite excited about the weekend. = D

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