Friday, May 01, 2009

so let's ride bikes into the sea

I know, I know, I should update more than once a month, right? It seems that part of the difficulty of graduating is creative frustration induced by massive laziness. And that includes feeling like I don't have anything thoughtful or interesting to say. But Grandma said she liked my hummus recipe -- so my last post was a win! And after nearly 700 blog posts, I'm too stubborn to just stop updating altogether. I mean, that's an investment.

Anyway. It's rainy but warm here today, and I'm going to work seven days this week and six next week so essentially YUCK. I'm also moving to some evening hours at the marketing company next week, so. . . well, I'm not very happy with my job right now.

What I am happy with is our home-made yogurt from the yogurt-maker we got for the wedding! It is delicious. With Greg's home-made granola and some canned peaches from Suzanna, it is like the ultimate summer breakfast. Pretty sure when strawberries and blueberries come out, I'm gonna be in heaven.

So keep praying for fruit. We've had enough rain!

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