Monday, June 09, 2008

today i learned that some people book their honeymoons through costco.

It made me chuckle a little, but actually made a weird sort of sense. Sort of. Maybe I'm just becoming used to costco's weirding ways.

Andrew & Meredith got married! Wooh! Congratulations again, guys! I feel like we will probably be congratulating you for months. Maybe we should aim to congratulate you for as long as you've been dating? =)

Also, OUCH. Summer is in full progress, and I am subsequently the owner of a painful sunburn. Not the worst I've ever had, but pretty bad. While my face, shoulders, & arms got a little burned, it's my legs (which never, ever see the sun) which fried. I guess that's what I get for wearing shorts to mow the Forsythe's lawn. So today I'm all about the aloe vera gel and wearing a skirt to avoid the added friction of jeans or even slacks. And vowing never to let the evil sun near me again.

Also, I am vowing to NOT STRESS OUT. NO MATTER WHAT. I spent too much of the school year stressing out. Now I'm done. =) It helps to not stress out that I have now started making things for our little show in July! Yay! So has Greg. So that's a good sign, a very good sign.

Hmmm. . . maybe I should've investigated the BBC for something fun to share with you before I posted. =) can't think of anything more to say. But it's OK. I'll do better next time.

The End.

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Lucy said...

Coffins AND honeymoons? I had no idea! When and what (more precisely) is "your little show in July"? It sounds like it might be a perfect reason to visit Grantham... :)