Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I did it! I made a fried egg/egg sunny-side up/dippy egg without breaking the yolk!

This is my good news for the week.


Munchkin said...

That is indeed good news! In other good news, your senior show looked awesome! In other... random ... news, did you or Greg possibly leave a film canister in my mom's car?

Lucy said...


This is an achievement of great culinary finesse. I salute you. ;)

John said...

I see my friend Lucy has been here before me. I found you thanks to the "next blog" button. I enjoy the serendipity of that little button :-)!

One question about the egg did have grits to go with that right? I can't imagine having the sunny side up fresh egg from my chicken coop without a pile of grits to sop up all the wondrous runny gold. I'll stop because I'm making myself hungry!