Sunday, December 30, 2007

so this is the new year?

Chad and Amy just sent out their new year's letter, and it made me smile really a lot. So grown up! Hah! Sending out for real holiday update letters? And being married for a whole year? Holy crap. Ain't nothin' more grown up than that. Well, except maybe procreating.

That word has always made me wonder -- is there such a thing as con-creating? And what, exactly, would that consist of?

I'll admit, I'm kind of bored today. I even went so far as to clean the kitchen today in a stir-crazy fit, and I hate cleaning. Sigh. If only I could be this relaxed at school, but still have my friends close by and my work close by. You know -- oh, you don't have to work on your woodblocks, but you want to? OK. Go for it--but be leisurely. And then I'd spend lots of time hanging out with my friends, talking, eating, and watching movies or something.

Instead I'm mostly just wasting my life on the internet. Which isn't all bad -- I don't mean to malign the internet! But. . . yes, I guess some of the family workaholism got passed down to me somehow. Is there AA for workaholics?

Happy new year! It's not time yet, but I probably won't check in before then, so I'm saying it in the interim. HAPPY NEW YEAR DON'T GET DRUNK OR HIT BY A CAR.


Mrs. Micah said...

Maybe con-creating is going out there and killing babies? Don't know why anyone would want to do that....

Being married isn't always as grownup as it sounds. A lot of it involves beeping the other person on the nose and saying "You're silly." ;)

Faux LeRoy said...

Hrm okay, well I guess taking your advice on that last bit about New Years could turn out to be pretty beneficial. Yep I'm taking it, hope you don't mind! '~'