Monday, September 15, 2008

"if we accept one dime from thomas kinkade, we are accepting money from satan!"

-- Don Forsythe, my printmaking professor, when Kinkade invited Christians in the Visual Arts to his Malibu ranch to discuss giving them a donation. Apparently Kinkade is an evangelical. Or something.

Birthdays, birthdays. Ruth had a birthday on Saturday. Yay Ruth! Greg has a birthday coming up soon. Yay Greg! My roommate Amy has a birthday coming up soon. Yay Amy! Birthdays basically rock. I'm pretty sure.

I'm getting a much-anticipated birthday present from myself -- tomorrow I should be able to order my new computer. I'm impatiently waiting for the transfer of my funds from my electronic savings account to my checking account. Then I'm doing it -- I'm ordering a mac laptop. I'm doing a little dance, because man it is hard to be frugal. But it is awesome to own technology.

Then I have to save up for software. And marriage? I may also have to save up for marriage. Just in case, you know, we need a little extra grocery money in the first few months of unemployment.

Unemployment. . . . crap.

I had another funny story to tell you, I'm pretty sure, but I forgot. If I remember, I'll tell you.

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Mrs. Micah said...

Kinkade = satan because of his mass-produced painting style with trite American and Evangelical themes. You've seen what the Something Awful did with his stuff, right? ;)

And happy upcoming birthday!