Friday, June 01, 2007

i hardly ever ask rhetorical questions

Hi my loves!

Lucy is here. It's good. it makes me miss all of you back home even more, but it is so good to see her again and be able to hang out around here with a friend from home. I am pretty excited now for when Greg and Ryan arrive - which is only about 10 days away.

Corpus Domini/Christi is coming up soon . . . it's apparently a huge thing, and I am very very interested in yet another civic holiday which is very religious.

Stone Carving is going really slowly, but I hurt less than before, so that is a plus. Hopefully I will still not be sore by the end of the weekend.

We are considering a day trip tomorrow, which is exciting.

This is pretty fragmented, but then so is my brain.



Ruth said...

Hi Lucy! Hi Kenzie!

I'm preparing to move to DC. Can I come see you in Italy instead? And be really rich so I don't have to pack but can go to little boutiques and buy amazing Italian clothes? Please? Can I Kenzie? Please?

Good job with stone!


Captain Shar said...

I think we all know how to imagine places. But on the other hand, nobody here knows about California, and I think I've managed to still live among you pretty well.

Hug Lucy for me!