Saturday, April 28, 2007

oh, the caffeinated insanity which is my brains

Hi my loves.

So much has happened - I don't have time to talk a bout it all because unlike usual I forgot to prepare my blog post ahead of time, before I actually got to the internet. The days when I could spontaneously blog... well, those are gone. =)

My honors project got approved, Professor Perrin is most likely going to direct it although there are a few wrinkles to iron out, I will be living and working on campus over the summer (and I so look forward to seeing all of you that live close - we need to make weekend trips to the beach or something! Or perhaps the Ren Faire, Lucy?), and most importantly of all (which I almost hesitate to talk about), there's a doctor who thinks he knows what Dad's sick with and thinks he can fix it. So! =)

Things are full. Woodblock printing class is amazing, I love Katie and Elena and am so glad I'm living with them next year, I got to hang out with a Franciscan monk from Assissi this afternoon, I'm consuming vast quantities of gelato and coffee (the best place to get internet is, ironically, at a bar, and since I don't want to consume copious amounts of alcohol, I consume copious amounts of coffee whenever I try to connect with the outside world via teh interwebs). Graduation is approaching for all of you Messiah-ites... I wish that I could be there! I'm missing all of you, and I'm so looking forward to the days when I can see you all every week at least (even if we're nuts as seniors and can't see each other every day. And even if maybe our group has grown to fill up with people I don't know). Where are you all living next year? Katie, Elena, and I are living in Mellinger.

Tonight we're going out to dinner at a really nice place... nonna amelias? I'm not sure how to spell it. But it sounds vaguely like that. Oh, and Lucy - I met Lucy and Charley from the Oxford semester - they came out to visit Jeff and Orvieto. And also, Prague got cancelled, so what weekend would work good for me to come out and visit you or vice versa? We will have to plan. 'Cause I really do want to see you this semester! My schedule is very open - just let me know what works best for you, because it sounds like you have an actually intense academic semester, where for me it is mostly just messing around. =D (Shhhh.... don't tell Skillen I said that! I heart him, but I get distracted way too easily here in Italy.)

So, loves, until I have time to do a real post.... I heart you! Don't leave me next year! Let's all be back together at least sometimes! I'll host weekly pro tempore dinners? Yes?



Lucy said...

Aw, yay!!! I LOVE Lucy and Charley! :) Charley was in my house last semester... made it a cheerier place, as you can probably imagine. :) And Lucy is such a sweetheart. We had fun being namesakes.

Re: getting together--I'll probably know better how my semester is looking after the coming week when I get my schedule of when I have to deliver well-researched presentations. Gah. It's not THAT intense, really... it's just that I'm finding all the work which isn't intense in and of itself takes looonger auf deutsch than it would auf englisch. :)

Captain Shar said...

The dinners sound amazing. And remember we're living next door to each other, which will also be amazing. And I'm so happy about your dad! And maybe Chad and Amy will start a LARP over the summer and we can all do that on a weekend, and I would love to go to the Ren Faire with you and Lucy, and remember I live only an hour away from campus so you should come visit, and...maybe the summer is looking more exciting after all.

Matt said...

You're gonna be here during the summer?! Kick-ASS! Where are you working?

In any event, you're gonna need to visit me in the falcon, and we're gonna need to have some sweet hangouts.

Mackenzie said...

I'm working in teh publications office. Are you working there over the summer too? Wheeee!!! = )